study Chinese Fundamentals Explained

Whether or not it's instinctive or irrespective of whether it consequence from the pedestrian schooling of childhood can be doubtful; it's, at any fee, significantly less automated when compared to the previous acts, for a man may well by mindful effort and hard work learn to perform it extra skilfully, and even to suppress it entirely.

find, obtain - come up with a discovery; "She found that he experienced lied to her"; "The Tale is fake, as far as I am able to explore"

lecture, discuss - provide a lecture or talk; "She will communicate at Rutgers upcoming 7 days"; "Did you ever lecture at Harvard?"

You can utilize learn to mention that someone becomes wiser or becomes better at accomplishing a little something as the results of an practical experience.

Just one need to learn to love oneself--thus do I teach--which has a wholesome and healthful adore: that a person may possibly endure to become with oneself, instead of go roving about.

learned ˈlərnd also learnt ˈlərnt ; learning Kids Definition of learn

learn′a•ble, adj. learn′er, n. syn: learn, learn, ascertain, detect suggest including to at least one's retail outlet of information or information. To learn is to come to understand by chance, or by study or other application: to learn of a friend's Demise; to learn to ski. To discover is to see one thing Beforehand unseen or unfamiliar; it implies the new information and facts is stunning to the learner: I uncovered that they ended up offering their dwelling.

If you do not seek to learn what is more necessary than anything at all for any Christian," claimed his father, finding up, "whichever can interest you?

hit the books, study - learn by reading through textbooks; "He's studying geology in his area"; "I've an Test next week; I have to hit the textbooks now"

relearn - learn something once more, as right after obtaining overlooked or neglected it; "Following the accident, he could not wander for months and had to relearn how you can wander down stairs"

vi (= acquire know-how and many others) → lernen; I can’t play the piano, but I’m hoping to learn → ich kann nicht Klavier spielen, aber ich hoffe, es zu lernen; he’ll hardly ever learn!

To ascertain is to see and verify information and facts by way of inquiry or analysis: to determine the truth with regard to the incident. To detect is to become aware about one thing obscure, top secret, or concealed: to detect a flaw in reasoning.

obtaining or showing fantastic learning. a learned professor. geleerd مُثَقَّف، واسِع الإطِّلاع учен erudito učený bewandert lærd πολυμαθήςculto, erudito õpetatud فرهیخته oppinut savantמלומד विद्वान, पढे़ लिखे व्यक्तियों का समूह izučen, obrazovan tanult, tudós pandai lærður, menntaður colto, erudito 学識のある 학식이 있는 mokytas, mokslingas mācīts; izglītots berilmu geleerdlærduczony پوه او هوښيار erudito erudit учёный učený učen načitan lärd รอบรู้ çok bilgili, kültürlü 有學問的 учений, ерудований صاحب علم có học thức 有学问的

two. to get information or talent (in). A child is usually learning; to learn French; She's learning (how) to swim. leer يَتَعَلَّم уча aprender učit se lernen lære μαθαίνω, αποκτώ γνώσεις σε κτ. aprender study õppima فراگرفتن oppia apprendre לִלמוֹד सीखना učiti (meg)tanul belajar læra apprendere, imparare 習い覚える …을 배우다 mokytis mācīties belajar lerenlæreuczyć się زده كول په ياد كول aprender a învăţa учить učiť sa učiti se učiti lära sig เรียน öğrenmek 學習 навчитися علم حاصل کرنا học 学习

understanding which has been gained by learning. The professor was a person of terrific learning. geleerdheid مَعْرِفَه، إطِّلاع، ثَقافَه познания erudição vědomosti die Gelehrsamkeit lærdom; viden γνώσεις, μάθησηconocimientos õpetatus یادگیری opittu tieto savoirלמידה, לימוד ज्ञान, विद्या učenje tudás pengetahuan lærdómur cultura, sapere, erudizione 学問 학습 mokslas, erudicija mācīšanās; erudīcija, zināšanas pengetahuan kennislærdomwiedza ښوونه،زدكړه erudição cunoştinţe ученость; эрудиция vedomosti znanje učenost lärdom, bildning การเรียน bilgi, bilim, kültür, ilim 學問 вченість, знання حاصل کیا گیا علم việc học; kiến thức 学问

Of these tales the minstrels utilized to learn only the outline, and every instructed the story in his own way, filling it in In keeping with his possess fancy.

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